About Payless Promotions Inc

About Payless Promotions Inc.

Payless Promotions Inc. started off in early 1993 when president and founder Mike Tavares was looking to put his graphic arts skills to use.

Laser Technology

Laser technology was fairly new at the time and his graphic arts skills led him to an employment opportunity he just couldn’t refuse working for one of the first businesses in Canada using this new technology in the promotional marketing industry. He has been employed by several other Marketing firms over the years as a consultant in the area of production, design, and facilitating work flow as well as training of individuals in the marking and printing departments of these firms.


Since 1995 his dedication, ambitions and expertise in a production environment of customization, has lead him to what Payless Promotions Inc. is today. In 2006 Mike decided to venture out and begin his own operations specializing in laser engraving and pad printing where he remains competitive In the industry developing new ideas, techniques, and bringing fascinating new products to consumers in many industries and markets throughout North America.


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